About R.D. Girvan

R.D. Girvan, Writer

Hello!  Welcome to the my blog.  

I am a writer.  I have written many newspaper articles and regularly contribute book reviews on behalf of the public library in The Spruce Grove Examiner. Most recently I won the SGPL Post Card Story Contest in October, 2012.      

My passion lies in writing suspense fiction, and I have just begun my journey to becoming a published author. I love to write. I also love to watch Life, musing, “What if…?” and creating stories from my unique (translation: startling/warped/intriguing) perspective. What if a serial killer drove an old white cargo van because it was so cliché that no one would suspect him?  What if no one did?   That lovely old lady there, turned out so beautifully; is she plotting a lethal release from her tyrannical daughter-in-law?  Or, what if the nightmare that scared me awake – what if it actually happened?

This is how my mind works.  It tends to create slight nervousness in myself (according to my dreams/nightmares), those closest to me (according to them, poor things), and my readers (but they like it).   

This blog will provide a forum for all that activity.  It will show some of my thoughts, and much of my work.  Your feedback is most welcome, provided it is relevant to the post, and of course, suitable for all viewers.  I would love to hear from you. So, thanks for dropping by! Go on about your day, talk amongst yourselves, shoot me a comment or two… I’ll be over here, asking myself, once more, “What if…?”  Rd

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