Canadian Karma

Leanne Myggland-Carter, Marketing & Communications Supervisor, Spruce Grove Public Library (on left) presenting Award Certificate to R.D. Girvan

I had entered Spruce Grove Public Library’s Post Card Travel Story Contest… and on October 20, 2012, I was thrilled to discover that I had won the Contest!  Here is my entry:

Canadian Karma ©2012 R.D. Girvan

On our last road trip, I stopped for fuel at a station with a drive-through.  I can’t mention their name, but it rhymes with “Lim Lorton’s.”  Not needing gasoline, I aimed for coffee, dispensed around back.

Two lanes waited, merging at a red-on-white sign that read:  “Please Alternate.”  That’s so Canadian.  Like a commercial for “Jim Jorton’s.”

We proceeded politely: right, left, right.  Then it happened: left, right, left, left…  A woman driving a small car scurried before a gentleman piloting a pick-up truck.  Occupying his rightful place in line, she sat squeezed against my back bumper like a spider evading a broom.  So close, you could not have slipped a “Gim Gorton’s” gift card between us.

The lady in front of me saw everything in her Lexus’ rearview mirror.  We shook our heads in shared disapproval.

The gentleman acted like a prince.  He was honorable.  He was dignified.  He was on the phone and may not have noticed a thing.  Not to worry.  Karma was calling, and I was just the girl to answer.

Reversing my SUV into Small Woman’s vehicle seemed slightly overzealous…  perhaps, instead of punishing her behavior, I should reward his.  I ordered Prince Pick-up a donut.

At the window, I overheard employees congratulating Prince.  He and I exchanged solemn nods, saluting through our side mirrors, right over Small Woman’s head.

It was fair.  It was just.  Then, I discovered Lady Lexus had bought my coffee.  It was karma—to go—at “Rim Rorton’s.”

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