One Kind of Kind

Best. Bird's Nest. Ever

Best. Bird’s Nest. Ever

©2012 R.D. Girvan

I love when I find proof that we humans can be graciously humane, especially when the act is committed–and the evidence left–unconsciously.  With no quick glance about for an audience, no need for applause.  If you look closely at this picture, you’ll see traces of one such quiet, matter-of-fact kindness.

The power guys spent a few weeks working at this transfer station (all their extensive repairs and modifications are off-camera).   They had several trucks there every day, plus one there every night, for the Security personnel guarding the supplies.

They were supervised by a bird of prey. I think it was a juvenile bird, since one could usually see it keeping an eye on the men below from within its nest. Sometimes you would see another bird, presumably its mother, even higher above them, riding the air currents.  I’m not sure what breed it is, but it’s the type that build nests out of twigs the size of walking sticks.  OK, maybe just child-sized walking sticks unsuitable for the Alps, but as you can see in the photo, the nest is quite large.

As you can also see in the picture, the nest is on a pole that (now) serves no other purpose.  They re-routed the lines, installed new poles, removed old ones–did over two weeks of work on that site, and when they moved on, they left the bird’s pole right where it was.  Whether they left it there for good or for just as long as the young bird would need it, right now it is the best…bird’s nest…ever.

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