Guest Writer: From Santa’s Chair


I am a member of the Write Night Writers, who gather weekly at Spruce Grove Public Library.  I am hoping to show off their work here, as well, so here is a festive piece from Greg Turlock.  (Thank you for letting me post it, Greg!) From Santa’s Chair ©2016 Greg Turlock.

From Santa’s Chair – a True Story – Merry Christmas!

I used to be Santa, at a mall years ago

What a fond memory, I cherish it so

One chilly night, as I sat in my chair

A sweet little girl, had a question to share


“Santa, I’ve been good, tried not to be bad”

“But I need your help, for my mom and my dad”

“I don’t want a present, but please can you”

“Help mom and dad get back together, Is that something you do?”


How shocked I was, I babbled and tried, To give words of comfort, but inside I cried

“Santa will try, to bring love and care, To your dear parents, to cherish and share”

“So have a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year”,

She hugged me and smiled, But left me a tear


Not her tear, but mine, it rolled down my cheek

Her gift was special, Her gift was unique

She gave to me, so I could give to her,

And although this memory, is only a blur


I was proud to be Santa, for her on that night

I hoped my Santa, did what was right

The stars lit the sky, on that night long ago

The lonely drive home, seemed shorter you know


I found Christmas that night, I hope you do too

Merry Christmas to all, Merry Christmas to you


Ho Ho Ho

Greg Turlock

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