Story 16/52: Recap, Repeat, Reprise




Rupal Singh ran down the hall, open lab coat streaming behind him like a low-slung cape.

He slammed down the crash bar with both hands, banged through the emergency doors and into the Asylum’s North Wing.

The PA system intoned, “Dr. Singh, please proceed to Room 417 North; Dr. Singh to 4-1-7 North.”
He careened past the main floor “You are Here” map showing the location of the elevators and advising an alternate route in the event of an emergency. He hit the stairs, running hard.

Winded by the time he reached the fourth floor, he stopped, smoothed his hair, fixed his tie.

Can’t have Ruth seeing me so disheveled. Flustered. Discombobulated.


Hello, Gang of Glorious Readers, Rhea here.

I am entering stories into contests, some of which do not allow any previous publication or posting of the entries of any kind, even on a blog.

If you would like to read the entire story, send me your email address and I will forward it to you. Also, I could add you to an email list of those who want the whole shebang automatically sent to their inbox.

Best always, RDG

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