I’m Ba-aack… at School

Uoft cont studies

Last year, I started my Creative Writing Certificate at University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.  It is a 7-part program, with 6 courses and a Final Project consisting of a novel manuscript.   They offer lots of on-campus classes, but most of the courses are provided online as well.

My goals for the program are (a) to learn more about how to write; and (b) to develop the habit of writing daily. I noticed that the kids need me less all the time, and decided to position myself accordingly. The plan is that my increased free time will coincide with an increase in my skills and training.

It’s really working – at the time of this post, I will have finished three of my six courses.  I am learning so much! The instructors have been terrific, the work is pure thought-provoking fun and I love the deadlines. I haven’t made it to writing every day yet, but I am writing most days, so getting there.

And, I have even managed to refrain from posting comments on the Discussion Board about how it used to be called “distance learning” and you had to mail your assignments in.