Brave New “www.World”

I love the connections and coincidences that abound in the social media “”   For example, one of the people who read the “Fingers Crossed” post (about my Philippine Tarsier book idea) was actually reading it from the Philippines! I think that is too cool for school. Today, however, I would like your opinion.

What is your take on social media?  Is it useful or just a shiny way to waste a tonne of time?  Do you use facebook, Linkedin, twitter, all three—or none?  What about Pinterest, Youtube and the dizzying array of other options? How do you keep it all from taking over, or do you even try?  Does it bring you sales, knowledge, friends?  The time that you invest, does it pay dividends?  How do you determine or track your social media successes?

What would you say that “one most important thing” was, in 140 characters or less?  Just kidding, LOL… use as many characters as you like.  Send your TBH (To Be Honest), it could be FUN 😉